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ChaMeLEon DrEamS

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ChaMeLEon DrEamS Thumbnail

A curly font with a handwritten, amazonian feel to it. Inspired by the curliness of the chameleon’s features.

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Angelic Serif

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Angelic Serif Thumbnail

A simplified version of Angelic Peace / Angelic War. Many unique characters are in this font, the capital letters are all exaggerated with details through swirls or decor. Hope you like it, enjoy.

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Angelic Peace

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Angelic Peace Thumbnail

A decoratively splattered font, an upgrade on Angelic War. There is less noise and smoother shapes in this version so it prints a bit better.

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Moth Skull

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Moth Skull Thumbnail

I made this because my friend Allyson B. hates moths and because I am a good friend, sometimes.

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Hollywood Capital Hills

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Hollywood Capital Hills Thumbnail

A hollywood sign based font with randomized letter placement. The font includes 3 different files: normal – just regular letters; hills – letters with sign holders and hills and scenery; blank – only the hills to use for graphics.

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Body Piercing & Chains

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Body Piercing & Chains Thumbnail

I made this font shortly after I saw a picture of an insanely pierced person and then I kept thinking about all the shapes and designs I had seen from the earrings I purchased over time and decided to make this font for no apparent reason. Buy this font to use in merchandise and sales at SickCapital.com

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Justice by Dirt2

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Justice by Dirt2 Thumbnail

A cola-tattoo style font, includes most punctuation, uppercase and lowercase lettering.

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Truskey Thumbnail

A grunge font made from an original font of mine.
Features somewhat high-res grunge textures originally created by my shattered glass brushes and photoshop.

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FULL Moon On Mars

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FULL Moon On Mars Thumbnail

A filled up retro/avant font with blockaded lettering.
Lowercase is regularly filled, uppercase is blockaded.

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SickCapital Kingston

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SickCapital Kingston Thumbnail

A handwritten old english font I finished up in illustrator.
I just wanted to at least attempt something gothic and out of my comfort zone.
Hope you like it, Enjoy.

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