A Brief Summary About Andrew2 Hart

Dirt2.com is independently owned by self-taught California graphic designer Andrew Hart since 2007. andrew2I use this site primarily to organize and showcase the resources I’ve made over the years and rather recently. Dirt2 is an archive, a place to explore new resources, hopefully a source for inspiration and sometimes for me it’s the only thing worth waking up to. I’m pretty closed off from the world most of the time, not by choice but because I feel sick and anxious when I’m not where I feel comfortable and most of the time it’s not worth confronting.

I first conquered the world of social media customization by running a successful MySpace Contact Table profile. It had it’s financial payoffs with the help of people that knew what they were doing but it also came with missed opportunities and a fumbling finish that hammered the nail in the coffin for me to understand that I cannot trust people.

After I did the social media thing I dove into websites and logos which never really caught on for me. I’m at the point where I can provide these services as a favor for a friend or anyone who seeks me out on my site but I am not comfortable advertising it as something I do anymore. I’m still trying to find what it is I truly can benefit and learn from – you can only learn so much from sitting by yourself in your room. Lately, making fonts has been giving me the solitude I need right now – I’m more in tune with it than ever before so I’m trying to better myself.

Thank you for all the donations, support and positive and critical feedback from everyone around the world. While I may not enjoy being around people, I do enjoy helping them and motivating them when it comes to creativity.

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