Paint Splatter Brush Set


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Free for Commercial Use allows you to use the item in your commercial and personal projects, you may create merchandise using this resource or use the brush in a project where money is generated. You may not sell the brush file or redistribute the ABR brush file for profit - read my terms here
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Download Paint Splatter Brush Set (.abr file)

A splatter brush set with a various combination of paint splatter brushes, quite fun to play with.

Using & Installing Photoshop Brushes

Opening The Files: Dirt2 files (like many) are zipped for compression, you'll need a program like WinRar or 7-Zip to extract the contents from the zip. To open .abr files you can open up Photoshop and then double click the .abr file - it will load in your brushes panel at the end of whatever existing brushes you had already. You can also load itdirectly from the brushes menu by clicking the brush tool then clicking the gearicon which opens up the brush option menu and finally you click 'Load Brushes' or 'Replace Brushes'.
Adding Sets To Your Brush Library: If you want to be able to load brush sets in the Photoshop Brush menu whenever you load Photoshop then you can place them into the Presets section of your Adobe Photoshop folder. Your path should look similar to this below:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (XX Bit)\Presets\Brushes

Terms & Restrictions By downloading Dirt2 Resource files you agree to the usage terms & restrictions.
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