By downloading and using Dirt2 resources you agree to the terms followed; these terms may be updated at any point.

Free For Personal Use Outline

Most of my resources are free for personal use so that you and your friends can use them in your artwork and hopefully get inspired (and if you think the item is good enough to be sold in merchandise then I ask that you pay for a license to support my site and work). The ‘free usage’ outline is simple: You may use the font in any non-profit form where money isn’t being exchange for an item using the font or the font file itself. You may use it personally for art projects and hobbies, school work, family yard sales, personal scrap-booking, charities and non-profit items and so forth.

Free For Commercial Use Outline

Resources labelled Free For Commercial Use may be used in your commercial projects such as merchandise, logos, graphics, media and so on. This does not entitle you to resell the individual resource file nor can you redistribute the file for commercial purposes (there is a difference between using the resource as it’s intended to be used and reselling the resource against my permission).

Indian tribes who do not have casinos on their land may use my fonts freely for their commercial needs.

Vector Files, Photoshop Brushes & Other Resources

All resources are free for personal use unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use Photoshop Brushes, Resource Files or Vectors for your commercial merchandise then you may go to the donations page to learn more about being able to use the resources commercially.

Font Resources

Read the usage terms before downloading font files. A copy of the terms will be included in your download for those that may need to translate it to understand. Most fonts are free for non-profit use but some are free for all/commercial use which is why you should take the time to not only know the difference but you also must agree to follow these terms when you download the files.

Content Redistribution

You may upload files onto your resource sites under two conditions: 1) You must link or the direct URL for the resource on within the same page as the resource download link 2) You may not modify file names or the contents of the file. Failing to follow these simple terms may result in cease and desist notices being sent to your website’s host.

File Downloads

Do not directly link to file downloads or image URLs as doing so drains website resources and the URLs may get changed if the files are deleted or modified. If you do not have a program to open .ZIP files then you can try Winzip, Winrar or 7-Zip )which is free). Installation instructions for files can be found on their direct URL.