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Akimel O’otham – Pima Illustrator Brushes

Download Akimel O’otham – Pima Illustrator Brushes (.zip)

This set of Akimel O’otham – Pima Illustrator Brushes can be used for fliers, graphics and other creations for the Gila River community. Feel free to modify, share, save and create what you can with these. Many of the designs are inspired by clothing, embroideries and Pima basket weave patterns.

The Akimel O’odham community reside along the Gila River (Arizona) in which has since dried up after the U.S. government built the Coolidge Dam and diverted the water to special interest groups. They are one among many tribes across the United States that has had their water source taken from them which has had devastating consequences to their livestock, economy and culture. You can learn more about their history here and you can support the Akimel O’odham Youth Collective.

1. Akimel O’otham Star Border

Star brush inspired by Pima basket designs.


2. Intricate Weave Border

This is a design based on basket patterns that used a balance of positive and negative space.


3. Akimel O’otham Hatch Border

This zig zag brush works well as a divider or box border.


4. O’odham Motif Border

A O’odham solid corner design used in many Gila River community elements.


5. Simple Pima Border

A versatile border that’s useful for boxed and outlined zones.


6. Pima Chevron Border

A trendy design which is found in clothing and many classic O’odham designs.


7. Triangular Prism Border

A sharp geometric border.


8. Akimel O’otham Divider Border

Another common O’odham design element.


9. Akimel O’otham Symbol Border

A design found in clothing and Gila River community elements.


10. Pima Simple Triangle Border

Sharp triangular points on the inside of this Pima brush.


11. Akimel O’otham Border

A common Akimel O’otham design element.


12. Akimel O’otham Wave Border

A wave design by the Gila Community.


13. Geometric Akimel O’otham Brush

A squared geometric border brush useful for dividers and boxed elements.


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