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O’odham Vector Elements

Download O’odham Vector Elements (.zip)

This is a set of free O’odham vector elements that can be used in merchandise and commercial projects. Each of the elements was inspired by Gila River Community symbols and stories as well as Pima basket weave designs.

I initially started these without knowing much backstory to the community but I wanted to help design some pieces to bring awareness to help stop loop 202 and save South Mountain from destruction. There seems to be an ongoing trend of ignoring indigenous lands, breaking treaties and lying to the public when it comes to Native rights which really got me interested in supporting the Indigenous Rising movement.

You can learn more about the individual symbol meanings and some of the inspiration on this page.


The Akimel O’odham community reside along the Gila River (Arizona) in which has since dried up after the U.S. government built the Coolidge Dam and diverted the water to special interest groups. They are one among many tribes across the United States that has had their water source taken from them which has had devastating consequences to their livestock, economy and culture. You can learn more about their history here and you can support the Akimel O’odham Youth Collective.


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