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   Frequently Asked Questions (click here)

1. Want to use Dirt2.com Fonts in Commercial Projects and Merchandise?

Simply visit SickCapital.com to purchase the commercial license for the font you are interested in, an invoice will be sent notifying you of your license purchase and you will be sent a license copy as well as the commercial version of the font (character availability varies).

2. I found your font on another website, application or CD – What are your terms for using it?

I have only made one arrangement with one person when it comes to distribution of my fonts but other than that I deal strictly through SickCapital.com for font licenses (especially newer fonts past 2010). I urge you to contact me if you found or downloaded my font from a third party because often times they can provide conflicting information regarding usage, you’ll also be able to view each font’s clear usage by searching for it using the purple search arrow on top. You can view my terms here.

3. What is the font you used in your 2014 logo?

This is a customized version of my Fireflies font.

4. Who makes Dirt2.com / SickCapital Fonts?

This would be myself, Andrew Hart, you can learn a bit about me here. I am a self-taught general artist that barely graduated high school and never got hired for a job so I settled with being self-employed since I was 15. I think I mainly make fonts because I cannot actually read what I write, my notes are scribbles and so drawing pictures and doodles was really the only thing my pencil was good for in school. I’m not a social butterfly, I’m more of an unsociable moth.

5. What sites do you publish or actively engage with?

I primarily use Dirt2.com and SickCapital.com as my sites – I also submit my free fonts to Dafont.com and on my KeepWaiting.DeviantArt.com page. Any other sites or applications distributing my fonts and resources are considered to be 3rd party (not associated with me) and I cannot be held responsible for their potentially misleading terms or suspicious file downloads.

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